We are always looking for people and companies to support our projects. To insure we provide the best level of support and that we attract the right level of committed people, we have a volunteer recruitment process. We would like to understand your objectives as a volunteer, what time or skills you can genuinely commit too towards our projects.


We respect the fact that many people have very busy and stressful lives, but we also respect the fact that our commitment is our commitment we will do what we say we will do. Therefore it is vital that we have the right level of committed people supporting our projects.


We welcome Corporate Teams to support our projects through CSR activities and we are happy to sit down and discuss how we could work together. We focus on sustainable partnerships for our projects, one off volunteer days are not in our interest nor that of our partners. 


If you are genuinely interested in supporting one of our projects you can commence the journey by writing to


We will then contact you within 3 working days to follow up with your enquiry.

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